About Us

Hope for Health Houston recognizes that a substantial portion of Harris County residents experience an inequality in healthcare access. To combat this, our goal is to bridge the gap between lower-class Houstonians and routine care. When low-income populations lack health insurance, it becomes the norm to only visit the doctor when seriously ill or in pain. Regular doctor visits impact length of life. Adults in the U.S., who have a primary care provider, hold a 19% lower chance of premature death compared to those who only see specialists for care.1 Lower-class minorities face even greater hurdles. In 2017, 43.9% of Hispanics and 22.6% of African-Americans within Harris County remained uninsured.2

A substantial portion of the lower-class experience difficulties accessing healthcare. As of 2019, 22% of all Harris County residents stated they were financially unable to visit a doctor for the past 12 months.3 Houston residents, in particular, suffer from massive roadblocks. Hope for Health Houston helps remove these obstacles and increase access to primary, dental, prenatal, pediatric, specialty, and mental healthcare services.

Additional Unique Barriers:

  • Uninsured
  • Enrollment hurdles
  • Disability
  • Racial/Ethnic obstacles
  • Service Quality Differences
  • Insufficient Awareness (for existing services)
  • Unpaid work absences
  • Insufficient child care
  • Insufficient transportation
  • High prescription costs
  • Under-Utilized Health Culture
  • Unreasonably lengthy wait-times
  • Poor Care Experience
  • Language
  • Enrollment in Unemployment (Medicaid & SNAP barrier)
  • Immigration status